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A call for a major reform in our law system that
Promises excitement and fulfillment of our life

This is a summary of a book about to be published
Dr. Lagha Fanaian
January 2011

Our soulless law system is making our relations loveless, our life goalless and our souls hungry for spiritual food. It is leading us to a human values crisis. There are clear symptoms of this crisis; bankruptcy of public trust is one of them. We can’t trust even those who are in the position of trust, like ministers, chief executive officers, clergies and so on. Rising high tech crimes, juvenile crimes, breakdown of family and school violence, are among other symptoms of this crisis.

Proactive law: There is a great hope in proactive law that is introduced here. It can bring excitement to our life; makes our life meaningful. Proactive law is not an ideology or philosophical opinion supported by some and opposed by others. It is the soul of today’s time, the silent conscience of all of us.
Our current law system is a soulless servant of produce to consume syndrome. It has been severed from its root, i.e., the true love. The true love, as we see later, is the motive force behind human growth, which is the goal of life. It is about the spiritual maturity, realization of our spiritual relatedness, realization of our uniqueness, and the values that make us human. Under today’s loveless and soulless law, not only love (and all its attributes like trust, honesty, compassion, humility, etc.) are ignored, but indirectly suppressed and devalued.
A hard look behind the surface of our (loveless but modern) laws shows that they are not working, even backfiring. As examples, our criminal law is making the offenders more dangerous. Our social assistance and disability law is helping the greediest more than the neediest. Our family law is more family breaker than family maker. Our justice system is becoming a battle ground to prove that power is right, as if we are having a new version of the law of Jungle. Our insurance law is becoming a fertile ground for fraud. Our taxation law is becoming an endless story of chasing the tax evaders and loophole seekers, and so on. All of these are the result of a goalless and soulless law system being severed from its roots, as we will see later.

In the meantime, we are facing a critical vacuum, which is the result of diminishing influence of two institutions, family and religion. These two institutions that have been the promoter of love and human growth are losing their grip on people.
At the same time, we are also facing an unchallenged force of market that promotes nothing but thoughtless consumption of goods and services, greed and immediate gratification at the expense of the real fulfillment of life. The combination of these two; critical vacuum and market, has become a recipe for failure, i.e., falling in a ‘produce to consume’ syndrome and human degeneration.
The proactive law purposed here will fill up the vacuum, and challenge the unchallenged force of market. It is a law system with a new task and assignment, i.e., promoting love, the type of love that we elaborate here. The attributes of this love, (i.e. personal integrity, trust, compassion, humility and so on) make the root and foundation of law. It is nothing but the voice of the common conscience of the new generation, and the requirement of the new era, which is a new phase in the process of human civilization and evolution of mind.

Proactive law sanctions measures that promote love, but by honouring, not offering money. It wakes up people’s conscience, wakes up growth not greed.
The proactive law system is about shifting our paradigm of law. It sees law much more than a peace keeper, status quo guarantor or ‘red and green’ signals. It sees law as promoter of human growth, a law that sees individuals as unique beings with a huge spiritual source of energy to transcend, to become more and more valuable human. It is under this shifted paradigm that love and law are seen complementary and inseparable, because love can do from within man what loveless law can’t from without.

We can have numerous measures, sanctioned by law, to promote love i.e., the motive force for human growth and timeless human values. I have introduced some of these measures at the end of this summary.

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